Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mall Of America in Bloomington, MN

Along with our visit to the Waterpark Of America, we also visited the Mall Of America. In our package, we got four passes to Nickelodeon Universe. We were excited to see the new rides. Everyone had fun and enjoyed the park, but a complaint we have is that, when Christopher rode the Brain Surge, he lost his glasses. The ride operator quickly tried to find them, but they were underneath the ride, and she had to call park maintenance. They took an hour to finally come get his glasses. We were not happy because, since it was a Sunday, the mall closed early at 7pm. We had to hurry to try to get everything in before we headed back home.

I was in my big wheelchair and the doors were double with no bar in the middle. It was easy to get in and out. The main aisles and around Nickelodeon Universe were also easy to move around as well. The major complaint I would have is about the stores I wanted to shop at. I couldn't get around all the stuff they have in the doorways, and most had tight aisles I could not get around. Even with a standard size wheelchair, access and mobility would be a concern. That was very disappointing to me, since I could not get on the rides. I was at least looking forward to shopping. But, in the meantime, I am thinking it's their loss of money from a customer. I would like to say thank you to Spencer's staff. As soon as we were heading in, they were moving shelves as much as they could and offered help throughout the visit.

Jodi had fun at the Mall Of America. She liked riding on Brain Surge and the food choices that we don't have around us. Her favorite place was Long John Silvers, but it was a hard choice, because there were Chipotle and other places. She ordered Fish N'More.

KayMarie enjoyed riding Brain Surge as well. It was a fun ride, and it was different from the other rides. She enjoyed having a Smoke House burger and a vanilla coke from Johnny Rockets. 

Christopher enjoyed making a bear at the Build A Bear Workshop. He got his bear a Mall Of America shirt to show where he made it. His favorite ride was Brain Surge. He liked that he could make it go forward, backward, and even spin the wheel. He had Kids Fish from Long John Silvers.
Jonathan liked Brain Surge ride as well, though he was scared at first seeing rides this big. He was a trooper. He also liked meeting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and getting his picture taken with them. He had mini corn dogs from Johnny Rockets.

I liked that there was a store for Chiliheads, called Pepper Palace. Too bad I couldn't wheel all the way around the store to look at the items for sale. But, what I did see had my mouth watering. It didn't help that you could sample different sauces and salsas. Too bad there were no chips out to try the samples. I got a Sushi Appetizer Sampler from Masu Sushi & Robata.

Mall Of America is of course a STOP IN for the indoor Amusement park, stores, exhibits, theaters, and, of course, the restaurants that provides a taste for everyone. Through all the crowds and crowded stores the Mall Of America is the place to experience and make memories.

Check it out at Mall of America!