Friday, May 3, 2013

Pizza Ranch in Le Mars, Iowa

On our trip to Nebraska, we needed to stop for some dinner. We looked up to see what was available where we were, and Pizza Ranch sounded yummy. We pulled up to the restaurant and, not sure of the area, couldn't find a parking lot. So, we unloaded the wheelchair in the entrance of an alley and parked on the street. The handicapped entrance into the restaurant was a long incline. It would be best if someone was helping you. I'm sure glad I did. Going down was too steep, and, luckily, there was no snow or ice.

Cream Cheese Dessert Pizza
Once inside, there's a small dining area and STAIRS!!! There was no way I could go up to where the buffet was to choose my own food. Make sure you have some help, because, yet again, I'm glad I did. But, my hope is that, if they read this, they will consider fixing these problems and making this location more accessible. I'm very glad that Jodi knows my taste, but it still would have been nice to see what was offered.

Another issue we had with the stairs was kids would run and jump off the stairs. After traveling for 8 hours, this got annoying real quick. Yes, the parents should have parented, but, if you have steps, you have kids jumping off.

As for the food, it was good pizza just as any other Pizza Ranches. As for stopping in? If you can handle the loud country music, kids jumping off stairs, and if your in a wheelchair and don't mind not looking at the food choices, then stop in. But, as for us, we suggest to drive on by to the next one.

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