Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Red Cabin Custard in Ely, Mn

Looking for a cool treat on a hot summer day? Then try Red Cabin Custard, where they make their custard fresh daily.

You order at the side window, and can choose to eat at the picnic tables, the sheltered picnic area across the parking lot, or just eat it right there in your car.

Their Menu
They offer chocolate, vanilla, as well as the "flavor of the day" in a cup or a cone, which comes with a Nilla wafer for an added touch. If you like more of a variety, you can order a shake, malt, or frozen custard, which comes in pint or quart sizes, all of which come in more flavor choices.

Plan about spending at least $3-5 a person. They accept cash and checks, but not credit or debit cards.

Their Doggie Dish

Jodi, Christopher, and Jonathan like the grape flavor. I like the coffee flavor. So, when you're in the mood for some old-fashioned custard, stop in to Red Cabin Custard, you will not be disappointed.

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