Friday, August 10, 2012

Kell's Kitchen in Babbitt, MN

We love our little hometown restaurant. The food is really decent for the prices. You get good portions and a lot of variety in menu options. We mostly have Kell's to go, but, sometimes, we would eat in, so we will write about both.

Dining in:
Brian: At the main door, a standard wheelchair can fit through, but anything wider will not. Once through the main door, I have to turn around in a small area to go through another door to be inside the dining area, also only wide enough for a standard wheelchair. Seating for wheelchairs is fine, as long as it's more in the back to be clear of everyone else.

As for use of the restrooms, the wheelchair does not fit through the door. Even if chair could fit, there is no room to move around inside.

I like the fun, personable staff and the variety of food choices on the menu. I enjoy the hometown family restaurant feel, the way a little town should be: great personalities of the wait staff and cooks, customers of all ages enjoying a nice meal. My favorite breakfast item is Philly Skillet and, for lunch, the Pepper Jack Burger.

Jodi: likes the service, the personality of the staff and cooks. She also likes the quality and quantity of the food, along with the variety of food choices on the menu. Prices are fair for adult and kids portions. Jodi's favorite meal is the Kell-ifornia Burger with bacon. Her favorite breakfast item is the Garbage Skillet with scrambled eggs. It may sound gross, but it's a mixture of ham, bacon, sausage, peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and cheese.

KayMarie: likes the wall decor and likes the personable feel from staff and customers. They are accommodating for their customers: kids, elderly, wheelchairs. They have great food and really good portion sizes. There is a variety of food choices on the menu and new special foods added daily. KayMarie's favorite meals are Taco Breakfast Skillet or Steak and Eggs that are over easy. It's a tie for breakfast, but for lunch it's the Kell-ifornia Burger with bacon and a side of deep fried green beans.

Christopher: likes the food and their service. He likes the decor and would consider to go more often, if they offered a kid's activity page. Christopher's favorite breakfast food is the French Toast with Chocolate Cream Cheese Topping, and his favorite lunch is the Rueben sandwich with side of fruit.

Jonathan: likes the food variety, the decor, and the food. He doesn't mind having no kid's activity page. He likes looking at the decor. Jonathan's favorite breakfast item is the French Toast with Blueberry topping. His favorite lunch item is the Monte Cristo sandwich with side of fruit.

For Take Out:
It's one of our week's highlights. Kell's makes us feel special when we order, from a cheery welcome when we call and having our order ready in a timely matter to putting happy sayings on our boxes.

Also, when Jodi and boys went out of town, I called Kell's for some lunch and dinner and they delivered it to me.

Kell's Kitchen is a must stop in! Keep updated with her Facebook page at Kell's Kitchen

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