Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Boathouse Pub and Restaurant in Ely, MN

We went to Boathouse Pub and Restaurant in Ely, MN. Overall, we all give it a B-. Some good, some bad.

Jodi had Nachos Grande that looked like a school science fair project...very greasy, and the lettuce was all wilted.

KayMarie had the "Motorboat" burger that she said was very good.

Jonathan had kids mini tacos..he says "It was burnt and gross." They did look like hockey pucks cut in half.

Christopher had fish sticks, about which he says, "These are the best fish sticks I ever had."

I had the ribeye steak which was really good. Along with it, I had cheesy broccoli, which was stone cold, and a side of chipotle rice ("WHERE'S THE RICE?") It was like 2 tablespoons. I'm not asking for a heaping mound, but throw some more on!

Also, now this is funny...this place is a micro brewery, and the waitress was not knowledgeable of the beers they brew. And, she asked if I wanted more water. Why not ask if I wanted another beer. I would have had another.

And, not until we were leaving did the waitress ask the rest of the family if they wanted refills...(sigh) we may give it one more try.

See for yourself at The Boathouse Pub and Restaurant

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