Monday, June 24, 2013

The Stand in Chisholm, MN

The Stand is a hidden gem in Chisholm, MN. When you drive past during the winter, it's closed, but, during the summer, it's a hoppin' place to be. You can sit in your car, and the waitress comes up to take your order. And, just like the 50's joints, they put your food on a tray on your window. Or, you can sit in their picnic area, where they have picnic tables. Wherever you choose to sit and eat, they have oldies tunes playing in the background to sing along with that may bring back memories or create new ones. Their menu boards seem endless, including burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, subs, salads, pizzas, and buckets of broasted chicken. They offer many kinds of beverages and ice cream from malts, shakes, and floats to cones and sundaes.

The menu makes you want to keep coming back throughout the summer to try the other menu items. The Stand also has a history that makes it stand out. It opened in 1964, founded by Bob and Fran Bizal as an A&W Stand. Then, in 1982, it was purchased by Raymond Potami and Lorna Elhardt, when it became The Stand. The Giant Touch Of The Past, also known as The Ting Town, a famous local favorite sandwich has been passed down since the 50's. You can choose either beef, pork, or ham served with hot sauce, a sweet sauce, or you can have both.
Cheese Curds
Jodi's favorite is the Gyro with Onion Rings. 

KayMarie's favorite is the Mushroom & Swiss Burger with  Deep Fried Mushrooms. 

Christopher's favorite is ordering the Little Ranger Chicken Bits, Fries, Beverage, and a Toy. 

Jonathan's favorite is also the Little Ranger, but he orders the Cheeseburger. 

Brian's favorite is the Grilled Pork Sandwich made California Style (with lettuce, tomato, and mayo) with an order of Cheese Curds. 

Grilled Pork Sandwich
Onion Rings
And, don't forget to try their Homemade Root Beer, in a frosted ice cold mug. It only comes in regular. If you order diet, it is an A&W can. Being a diabetic, I wish the homemade root beer came in diet. You can also bring a jug of Homemade Root Beer home with you, if you pay 50¢ for the plastic jug. 

The Stand is a must Stop In. They close at night, when the sun goes down, and make your visit before summer is over. Labor Day is usually the end of summer for us on the Northland, so hurry!

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