Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lakes 10 Cinema in Hermantown, MN

This was our first movie theater outing together as a family. We surprised the boys by seeing Monsters University. They were excited!

I used my bigger wheelchair and it fit thru the doors just fine. They were double doors with no bar in the middle. As we got up to the counter, we were greeted in a very friendly manner and with a smile. There was plenty of room to get around the ticket booth and enough room to get inside where our movie was. 

There was a family sitting in the wheelchair row. I wanted to sit with my family, so I went to the ticket counter and asked if they could ask some people to move. Without hesitation, they said they would be happy to help and ask them to move. Even though she told the wrong row, it was nice to be at a place with the willingness to accommodate. 

The family said they were comfortable in the seats, and I was able to see the movie just fine. For me, I am glad I had good brakes on my wheelchair. It seemed like I was at a slant, so I didn't want to move around too much. The sound and video quality was loud and crisp and gave that theater sound.

We have not been to a movie theater in years, but it seemed that they were in the price range of other concession stands. It would have been nice if they could offer free refills on drinks. 

We really enjoyed ourselves at Lake 10 theater. The staff was friendly when we arrived and when we were leaving. Lake 10 offers a free rewards program. When you visit, you gain points for rewards. We will definitely be back and suggest that you STOP IN for your next movie night out.

Research your visit at Lakes 10 Hermantown!

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