Thursday, May 2, 2013

Valentino's Grand Italian Buffet in Lincoln, Nebraska

We stopped in while we were visiting Jodi's family in Lincoln. When we pulled up, we tried to find a handicapped spot. They were full, and there were very limited spots. Even though we parked quite aways away from the restaurant, there weren't adequate wheelchair ramps on the sidewalks, so it took us awhile to find one. There needs to be more sidewalk ramps available than just the one. There was a small wait but not bad. We would advise calling ahead, just in case.

The seating was ok being in a wheelchair. We were seated in a main aisle, so I can get up to the table. The only complaint on this is people's chairs are pushed out in the aisles or people sitting out in the aisle, but they were quick to move so I could get by. The choices of food were endless. It was interesting to find they had everything from Mexican to American fare, and of course Italian. I have never been to a restaurant where I can have all you can eat ravioli with heavy meat sauce. Jodi liked everything but the corndogs she said there was too much corn not enough dog, but hey its Nebraska. Christopher had his favorite obsession...MEATBALLS, and Jonathan liked the ice cream where you can choose your flavor. If you cannot find something here that has your taste, then you need to keep looking at all the choices.

The staff was very kind and helpful, they were quick to move a candy machine that was in the way exiting. So, if you're in the mood for Italian or some decent comfort food, then we recommend stopping in to Valentino's Grand Italian Buffet.

For their website, go to Valentino's!

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