Thursday, August 2, 2012

Welcome to our blog of our families outings

We are a close family from Babbitt, MN, that likes to try new places whether it's a restaurant, shopping, or a fun outing, but, wherever the place is, it's always an adventure.

Our goal is to share the experiences we have so that, if you and your family are up in our neck of the woods, you have some places to stop or just drive on by. We believe we have a lot to offer and provide valued input.

Our family is:
Brian: I'm in a wheelchair. So, first thing we check is handicapped accessibility. I love spicy foods and unique findings.

Jodi: My wife looks for kid-friendly places as a top priority. She is easy going and laid back, but if
something is not right she is quick with input. But, if all is well, she will be a loyal, valued customer. She loves a great steak and Mexican food.

Christopher: He is 11 years old, and, when he eats at a restaurant, whatever he orders is "the best he ever had," but he has good input. He loves his chicken strips and pancakes

Jonathan: He is 9 years old and will be your hardest critic. He will tell you how it is. He is very honest. He loves his cheeseburgers and Mac-and-Cheese.

KayMarie: She is our sister that may seem soft-spoken and to just go with the flow, but, if she likes something, she raves. If she doesn't like something, she will share and be made known. She loves her pasta and a great steak.

We have different tastes, needs, and input. We will be fair, honest, and not just look for the negative. When there is positive, we will definitely make it known for the business. If there is negative we would like to offer the business to correct it before we blog. If and when it is made right, we will add it to the blog.

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